web-based software agency

We are experts in designing and building web-based software that works for you. Whether it’s a secure, GDPR-compliant file-sharing system, an HTML form builder or a full e-learning platform tying together multiple APIs, the sky’s the limit on what we can achieve with code.

Whatever your business needs, we can provide you with a self-hosted, fully branded system that gives you the exact functionality you require, without the bloat of redundant features you’d normally find in out-of-the-box options.

our approach


We have an initial conversation with you to discuss your business needs and the processes you need to streamline. From this, we create a full scope of works, which forms the basis of our agreement.


We begin wire-framing your web-based software using programs such as Figma and Adobe XD, helping stakeholders to visualise the user experience across your site’s architecture and internal navigation.


We start designing the visual front end of the software, taking into account how your internal teams and end users will be using your software, providing an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.


We begin working with our specialist web developers to produce your custom-built web-based software, managing the build process, testing functionality and proofreading throughout.


As our solutions are custom built, we can add any functionality you need as we continue growing together, but the time may come when your organisation outgrows our agency – and that’s okay!

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, which is why we will never build you a product that only we know how to use or access. When you choose to work with us, we promise to:

  • Build your web-based software using open-source scripting languages such as PHP, used by thousands of web developers across the globe
  • Provide you with complete documentation detailing how your software is built and how every single element works, allowing any developer to pick up where we’ve left off
  • Provide login details to your software so that you can make those occasional text changes yourself, without needing to ask us for help




Web-based software isn’t a simple ‘set it and forget it’ product, and just like us it needs regular care and maintenance. We can help with this, using everything from specialist hosting and dedicated servers to a range of site-monitoring tools. Click the link below to find out how we strive to ensure your software experiences minimal downtime.



As custom web-based software specialists, naturally we have built our own dedicated support platform for our clients. So if you need our help you can simply raise a ticket requesting support – whether that’s because something isn’t working as it should be or you want to add new features to your existing software.

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We are proud to be Cyber Essentials compliant. Click the link below to find out why that’s important.

SOME web-based software WE'VE BUILT

GDPR compliant file transfer prospecting

Prospecting Dynamics

When GDPR regulations first came into force, we were asked by customer contact outsourcing provider Prospecting Dynamics to provide it with a secure, GDPR-compliant file-sharing system. Rather than sending out simple emails, they would have a self-hosted, fully branded system in which they would be able to control all features and functionality.

We delivered a secure, user-friendly system that was fully GDPR-compliant and included functions such as self-deleting data and the ability to send files to multiple members in a team. The software is self-hosted in the UK and features full client branding.

Anchor logistics

As part of their onboarding compliance, specialist construction recruitment agency Anchor Logistics required new starters to fill in a form before they were legally allowed to work. As placements were predominantly short-term, the filling and filing of these forms was a time-consuming and costly administrative process.

We conceptualised, designed and built a mobile-responsive password-protected HTML form for new starters to fill in from their own devices. The form auto-populates Anchor’s original compliance document and emails it to the team, saving substantial amounts of time.

Custom client support portal

Support Portal

As Thomas Grey Creative Solutions grows, we want to offer our clients a service that gets better and better every year. We want you to feel confident in our ability to support you as your own business grows and flourishes, and rest easy in the knowledge that there is always someone available at our end to help when you need us.

Our custom-built client support portal is just one of the ways we are delivering on this goal, and it is available to every client with a website, piece of web-based software or Learning Management System hosted and maintained by us.

  • You can raise a ticket requesting support when something isn’t working properly
  • You can submit a ticket requesting new features for your website
  • For gamification, you can browse our library of existing games and request new ones
  • If you require time tracking, our portal has built-in tracking and reporting functionality
  • Best of all, as our portal is custom built, we can add any functionality you need as we continue growing together


We were brought into Sodexo as a dedicated resource in the O2 team to help improve their employee engagement website, bebrilliant!. The site resides on an outdated version of Umbraco, which makes mobile optimisation and improvements a challenge. The outdated CMS made it difficult for members of the team to build pages without knowledge of HTML. Use of a third-party form made data processing and filtering a time-consuming manual process.

We began by creating new CSS to make the website mobile-responsive, recommended server improvements and optimised large images, saving an average of 40% in page load speed. We then identified convoluted internal processes that could be streamlined to improve efficiency within the team, resulting in a custom-built website. We built a custom-built standalone system outside of Umbraco, allowing non-developers in the team to build HTML, mobile-responsive pages using an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. We then eliminated the third-party form by adding a self-hosted form builder to the same system, automating data processing and saving the team approximately five days per month.