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It’s easy to think that once your website, web-based software or e-learning course is live, that’s it – job done. But websites and software evolve, grow and change over time.

They need updates to keep them safe from hackers, and to keep up with changes from the major operating systems and web browsers.

As a complex and living piece of software trying to play nicely with other complex pieces of software, web-based products need regular care and maintenance, which is why we use a number of systems and protocols to keep yours up and running.

From specialist hosting, dedicated servers and a range of site-monitoring tools, we take steps to ensure your website or web-based software experiences minimal downtime. Read on to find out more.



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Little Warden is our go-to site monitoring tool that ensures we’re the first to know about any changes made to your website. Some of the checks we can run on your website include but aren’t limited to:

Expiration Checks

We recommend that you have your domain name and SSL certificate set up to auto-renew, but just in case you don’t, we keep track of your expiration dates to ensure nothing gets dropped.

Change Monitoring

We’ll be the first to know if any changes are made to your nameserver, MX record, Google Analytics, robots.txt and more.

Status Check

Websites sometimes go down. It’s frustrating, but it can happen, which is why we proactively monitor your URL response to give us a head start if something needs fixing. We also keep tabs on your http to https redirect, www to non-www redirect and 404 page response to make sure your site is adhering to best SEO practices.

Indexability & Sitemaps

While we can’t guarantee you’ll rank #1 for all your target keywords, we do make sure that your site is at least accessible to search engines. We monitor your site’s indexability through your robots.txt file, sitemap validation and changes to your XML sitemap. logo is owned by information and cyber security expert Bulletproof. Its software is an all-encompassing security monitoring system that regularly scans our websites, allowing us to identify any at-risk assets and take action to improve our compliance with the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme, which we are proud to be certified by. Read more about our Cyber Essentials certification here.

WP Engine

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WP Engine is our go-to fully managed hosting provider for our WordPress websites. With premium features including SEO-friendly fast page load times, free SSL, daily backups, auto-core updates, auto-plugin updates and one-click staging, we’ve found hosting WordPress websites with a dedicated specialist to be smoother, safer and easier than any other hosting provider we’ve used before.

InMotion Hosting

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We use InMotion for websites we build in MODX. With 99.99% uptime they’re a fast, reliable and secure web hosting provider, with easy set-up and scaling options for when your business grows.

Simple Backups

simple backups logo

With encryption, secure storage and quick recovery, we use Simple Backups to automate many of our server, website and database backups.



We want to offer our clients a service that gets better and better every year. We want you to feel confident in our ability to support you as your own business grows and flourishes, and rest easy in the knowledge that there is always someone available at our end to help when you need us.

Our custom-built client support portal is just one of the ways we are delivering on this goal, and it is available to every client with a website, piece of web-based software or Learning Management System hosted and maintained by us.

  • You can raise a ticket requesting support when something isn’t working properly
  • You can submit a ticket requesting new features for your website
  • For gamification, you can browse our library of existing games and request new ones
  • If you require time tracking, our portal has built-in tracking and reporting functionality
  • Best of all, as our portal is custom built, we can add any functionality you need as we continue growing together